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Carpet Cleaning Service

Our company takes pride in our carpet cleaning service. We have the experience to make the toughest stains and odors disappear. We don't just remove surface grit and dirt, our deep steam cleaning technique cleans even the roots of your carpet. Don't let other cleaners push in dirt and stains deeper into your carpet. Leave your carpets to us and they will be in good hands.

In addition to carpet cleaning services, we have upholstery cleaning services. If your building or home has tile, we have tile cleaning services as well. We do grout cleaning to make sure your tiles are clean and stain free. A build up of grout can get hard to clean so make sure you maintain your tiles to prevent mold and other bacterial growth.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also have oriental rug cleaning and grout restoration. If you need grout or tile restoration, upholstery cleaning, or other carpet cleaning services, we can assist you! Call Pack's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services now!